Thanks to the fertile sandy soil (‘geestgronden’ in dutch) the bulb area of Holland has been the top producer of many worldwide-unique flowers for hundreds of years. It owes this worldwide reputation mainly to the beautiful varieties of tulips and hyacinths that grow here, but the variety of different bulb types is much larger than just those two.
Please come by and discover the many species in my picking garden.

about Annemieke

My husband Pieter Damen and I love flowers. Our company started as a hobby and has grown into a thriving business. Although there are tens of picking gardens in the Netherlands, it turned out that the area famous for its flowers did not yet have a picking garden! That is why we decided to start Annemieke’s Pluktuin in 2009. At our nursery we cultivate flowers exclusively in an environmentally friendly way (*), especially different varieties of Scabiosa (also called pincushion flowers) which we harvest.


With Annemieke’s Pluktuin I want to offer everybody who loves flowers the opportunity to come enjoy our floral splendor and create beautiful and artistic bouquets themselves. Visiting our picking garden is a nice destination for a bicycle tour and it is also a fun outing for groups of any kind or size.


I am looking forward to your visit.
Annemieke de Haan